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Academic Diary

Or Why Higher Education Still Matters

Published onApr 30, 2018
Academic Diary

Table of Contents


Introduction: Academic Time

Autumn Term

10 September: Graduation

15 September: Everyone Has a Teacher Story

17 September: Letter to a New Student

20 September: Welcome Week

25 September: Goldsmiths and its District

27 September: Ratology

28 September: Students Not Suspects

7 October: Open Day

12 October: Stuart Hall Lessons

25 October: Teaching

31 October: The Uses of Literacy Today

5 November: Death by PowerPoint

8 November: The Value in Academic Writing

20 November: Research Expenses

27 November: Extra Curricular

29 November: College Green

3 December: Meeting John Berger

9 December: An Education of Sorts

10 December: Class Mobility

17 December: Bourdieu Behind Bars

29 December: New Year’s Honours

Spring Term

10 January: The Diary Disease

16 January: Remembering Paul

18 January: Recognition

25 January: Holding the Fort

5 February: Academic Uses and Abuses of Twitter

12 February: Generosity as a Strategy for Survival

26 February: Professionals and Amateurs

7 March: Reading and Remembering

10 March: Campus Watch

15 March: Writing Routines and the Torture of Starting

21 March: That Special Pen

1 April: Viral Warning

10 April: Ivory Towers

16 April: Conference Etiquette

19 April: Academic Rights

20 April: Casts of Minds

27 April: The Devil You Know

2 May: Supervision

9 May: Thinking Together

16 May: The Doublethink of Open Access

20 May: Against Intellectual Suicide

The Summer

7 June: Silence Please – Exam in Progress

9 June: The Exam Board

14 June: On the Occasion of Retirement

20 June: The Writer’s Desk

30 June: The Library Angel

4 July: The PhD Viva

17 July: Writing and Scholastic Style

24 July: ‘And What Do You Do for a Living . . .?’

19 August: Primo Levi’s House

31 August: Lost Notebook

Afterword: How the Diary Came to Be Written in the First Place

Tips, Leads and Follow-Ups

Universities in changing times

Campus fictions

Students, learning and teaching

On writing and writers

Intellectual life and its purpose

Heroes and heroines

Music as a hinterland

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