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Published onNov 24, 2020

We would like to thank all members, writers, and kindred spirits of the Precarity Lab network, who have made the writing and book-making possible under very unique creative circumstances. We would like to thank our book sprint facilitator, Faith Bosworth of, for making sure that our group left our sprint with a completed book draft. Faith, you were really the person we needed when we needed it, and deserve much credit for everything good in here. We would also like to thank the University of Michigan’s Humanities Collaboratory project, and especially Peggy McCracken, Kristin Hass, and Sheri Sytsema-Geiger for believing in this project and making sure that everyone was paid and otherwise taken care of. Finally, we extend our sincere thanks to Casidy Campbell and Sarah Snyder for all their support work, and to Irina Aristarkhova and Tung Hui-Hu for their contributions to our thinking and writing. We would also like to thank sister projects with similar aims and ethos, including After Oil, Ecology of Networks, Matsutake Worlds, and the Mukurtu archive.

Finally, thank you to our long-term research collaborators, colleagues, and fellow workers across the globe, especially in the Navajo Nation, Detroit, Palestine, China, Mexico, and Indonesia, whose insights and friendship have shaped our thinking and made this work possible.

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